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A Word Or Two About Ranches…

Hunting Guest Ranches

Some guest ranches are available and they are capable of catering to hunters. A number of them feature wildlife like whitetail deer, bison, mule deer or elk. Some also feature assorted species brought in from other regions and countries from Africa, India and Asia. Some of these ranches are very controversial. For instance, while many traditional types of ranches permit hunters and outfitters on various land belonging to them for hunting game, the act of restricting game to some guest ranches cater to hunters. Some feature native wildlife such as whitetail deer, mule deer, bison or elk. Others feature exotic species imported from other regions and nations such as Africa and India. Both types of ranches are controversial. While many traditional ranches allow hunters and outfitters on their land to hunt native game, the act of confining game to assuring  a kill is remarked as unsupportive  by some critics.

The inclusion of non-native variety on the guest ranches is even more controversial due to the growing concerns that these assorted animals are liable to escape and intoxicate the gene pool of native varieties, or spread previously unascertained disease. The supporters of hunting guest ranches also said that they assist in protecting native herds from over-hunting and the livestock of various species however increases their numbers and may assist to save them from extinction. It therefore went further to agitate support for its various programs. They called for a more positive view of the achievements and the benefit of the ranches citing that it has brought employment, economically assisted in contributing its own quota to the industry. They also said that there are a lot of potentials in the industry that could be brought to awareness of the public.

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Origin of Guest Ranches

A ranch could be a special place used for specific purpose, like a farm house, a large farm for raising horses, beef, sheep and cattle. The term ranch was fore-mostly associated with agriculture farm houses in the agricultural sector. Guest ranch alternatively referred also as a Dude ranch is also a kind of ranch made for the purpose of visitors coming on tourism, considered and can be regarded as a form of agri-tourism where people can actually come to visit.

The approach to guest ranches and its emanation came as a result of the romanticization of the Western American states that commenced and resurface during the end of the 19th century. It was in 1893 that Frederick Jackson Turner a historian proposed that the United States of America frontline was demographically closed. This led to feelings and agitation among the people to begin to have reminiscence  and the idea of bringing back the good old days,  and also, that people can actually  be allowed to have such nostalgia with relative safety without any form of risk. Therefore the individual referred to as “greenhorn” or “tenderfoot” by the Western Americans was able to tour and enjoy the advantages of life in the west for a limited period of time without any risk.

Increasing adventures and activities began to grow such as that of the famous Theodore Roosevelt, these features were made available by paying guests who took advantage of the time to come to the ranch from cities from the east, they were usually referred to as “dudes” in the Western Americans. Subsequently the transcontinental rail roads network also stimulated more activities and the availability of networks rail transport assisted in bringing more paying visitors to nearby depot, wagons would appear to be waiting to transport people to a ranch. The experiences at the ranch varies from place to place. At some of the ranches guests and visitors expected a more luxurious version of the “cowboy life”. While the others seem to be more tolerant of the odors and schedule of a working ranch. While there were guest ranches before the 20th century, the approach grew immensely after the end of world war I, as at that time there was high postwar prosperity, the emergence of automobile and also the advent of western films all contributed to famous interest in the western Americas. In 1926, the Dude Ranchers Association was established in Cody, Wyoming to represent the demands of this prolific industry that was growing at fast rate.

In the United States of America, the guest ranches has continued to become a tourist attraction and has long been established as a long time tradition to be a destination for visits and vacation. Ever since the development it has now become an habitual characteristics for the ranches to be open for guests visit during summer and or winter. However some guests ranches are open throughout the year for visit purposes. A visit to the guests ranches will expose some of the following activities such as; target shooting, hayrides, horseback riding, cattle sorting, campfire sing alongs, camping, hiking, zip-lining, fishing and whitewater rafting. Students in colleges and institutions of higher learning are sometimes recruited to work  at some of these guest ranches during the summer period. Jobs like housekeeping, dining staff, wrangler, and office staff or baby sisters are common in guests ranches in the West. Quite a handful of ranches have survive the times when financial crunches rocks the industry by taking paying guests for a better part of the year.